How to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Incorporating more produce in your diet.


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Eat Oatmeal With Berries - It?s the perfect anti-aging breakfast. Oatmeal, blueberries and strawberries all contain high levels of antioxidants, which undo the damage that free radicals wreak on your tissues. Aim to eat one, or all, of these foods, daily.


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Get Plenty Every Day


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Why It Matters


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In Sight, In Mind

Try Juicing - Using a home juicer with fresh unsweetened produce, can definitely help you increase your fruit and veggie intake with the foods that you love. And it all tastes pretty good. Throw in some kale, apples, orange and ginger! Try these juicing recipes here.   (Photo: James and James/Getty Images)

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Try Juicing


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Upgrade Your Salad

Stir-Fry It Up - Another great and easy way to eat more veggies is to cook more stir-fry meals at home. You can chop up all kinds of vegetables, and even try with lean meat or meat free. In the end, it?s delicious and filling.  (Photo: courtesy Meatless Monday)

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Stir-Fry It Up

Substitute This for That - When eating out, instead of eating high carb potatoes, try getting something else in its place. We love our French fries, but keep healthier options in mind, like a side of grilled asparagus.(Photo: Nicole S. Young/Getty Images)

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Substitute This for That

Get Your Saut? On - Discover the yumminess of veggies saut?ed in olive oil, garlic and spices. Not to mention the art of roasting vegetables, too, can turn Brussels sprouts into the best tasting thing on earth. These methods of cooking can make it easier and tastier.  (Photo: Iain Bagwell/Getty Images)

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Get Your Sauté On

Mix It Up - Why recreate the wheel? Add veggies to meals that you already love. Try adding chopped and saut?ed veggies to your scrambled eggs, spaghetti sauce, pizza and even lasagna. Be creative with it.  (Photo: Alexandra Grablewski/Getty Images)

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Mix It Up


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Make It Fun


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Try Meatless Monday