The #LST Love Survival Guide

Tips on weathering the storm.


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Lost in Transit - We saw Kita and Troy lose their way in love (literally) by getting stranded on a remote island while trying to have a romantic getaway. So how can YOU make sure your passion will burn strong for your loved one despite being in a predicament only J.J. Abrams could solve? (Photo: BET)


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5. Fearlessness - Troy just needs to remain strong and unafraid of his surroundings. Rumble, young man, rumble. You are now in a jungle. It's that same determination that will keep your love strong. (Photo: BET)


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4. A Memory to Groove To - Remember all of the happy times as it will keep everyone optimistic.  (Photo: BET)


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3. The One Kiss You’ll Always Remember - There's usually that kiss that you always go back to, that will remain in both your minds no matter what. Use this as a constant reminder to just hold out until you get back safely. (Photo: BET)


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2. Something to Eat - Uh, well perhaps with the right ingredients, that catch made by Kita can be symbolic of her desire to keep their love nourished. Emphasis on the ingredients. Take this bit of knowledge into any relationship. (Photo: BET)


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1. Something (or Someone) to Cuddle With - It takes two to make a thing go right.(Photo: BET)