Sparkle Characters: Then and Now

Watch the original 1976 version of Sparkle this weekend!

Character: Sparkle

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Character: Sparkle - Jordin Sparks (right) stars as the title character originally portrayed by Irene Cara (left). The original movie took place in Harlem, NY, while the remake takes place in Detroit, MI. In both versions, the character of Sparkle Williams struggles to maintain her family's bond but is not ready for the challenges of fame. (Photos from left: Ron Wolfson /Landov, CPA,

Character: Sister

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Character: Sister - Sparkle's sister, whose name is Sister, was portrayed in the 1976 version by Lonette McKee (left). In the latest incarnation, she is portrayed by Carmen Ejogo (right). She is the lead singer in the group Sister and the Sisters (which also consists of Sparkle and Delores) and must contend with the pressures of being a lead singer.(Photos from left: Joseph Marzullo/, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Character: Delores

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Character: Delores - The third sister in The Sisters, Delores was originally portrayed by Dwan Smith (left) and is portrayed by Tika Sumpter (right) in the current remake. In the 1976 production, her concern for Sister gets her into trouble and sets off a chain of unexpected events. (Photos from left: Facebook, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Character: Stix

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Character: Stix - The character Stix eventually becomes Sister and the Sisters manager, as well as Sparkle's love interest. In the original he is played by Philip Michael Thomas (left) and is portrayed by Derek Luke (right) in the remake. (Photos from left: Jim Spellman/WireImage, Stage 6 Films, Inc.)

Character: Levi

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Character: Levi - Initially a singer as well, Levi ends up joining the ranks of local mobster Satin. Dorian Harewood (left) played him in the original, with Omari Hardwick (right) taking a turn in the remake. (Photos from left: Mike Stotts / WENN, Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Character: Satin

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Character: Satin - A local mobster who employs Levi, he also sucks Sister into an abusive relationship, one that will unfold throughout the movie. Tony King (left) played the character in the original and Mike Epps (right) plays Satin in the remake.  (Photos from left: Courtesy Warner Bros Pictures, Goodloe/PictureGroup)

Character: Effie/Emma

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Character: Effie/Emma - In the 1976 version, the Williams sisters' mother is Effie, while in the remake her name is Emma. Originally portrayed by Mary Alice (left), the remake stars the late-great Whitney Houston (right) in this pivotal role. (Photos from left: Jemal Countess/WireImage, Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)