BET Star Cinema Movie Trivia: August 20 to August 26, 2012

BET Star Cinema gives you the answers to our fun questions.

Belly (1998)

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Belly (1998) - Which Nas song is being referenced towards the end of the movie when Nas is talking to the youth on the park bench?Answer: "One Love." (Photo: Big Dog Films)

John Q, Friday at 12P/11C - Denzel Washington won't stop until he gets justice for his son. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

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John Q. (2002) - Which great American film was originally supposed to have the title John Q.? A: Citizen Kane. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

Coming to America (1988) - For one of his first films, Samuel L. Jackson was cast in the small but memorable role of the stick-up man in Coming to America. Jackson's portrayal of the antsy, wide-eyed, shotgun-wielding guy holding up McDowell's was believable and intense. Eddie Murphy disarming him with a mop handle, not so much.(Photo: Courtesy Paramount Pictures)

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Coming to America (1988) - Which other movie did Eddie Murphy and director John Landis work together on?A. Beverly Hills Cop III. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Half Past Dead (2002)

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Half Past Dead (2002) - How many times has Morris Chestnut co-starred in a movie with Steven Seagal?Answer: Three times — Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Half Past Dead and Prince of Pistols. (Photo: Sony Pictures)