Top 10 Road Trip Films

Top 10 Road Trip Films


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Are We Done Yet? - Although Ice Cube prepares to settle down in Are We Done Yet?, his new found family take him on a roller-coaster ride in this flick. By far, one of the top road trip flicks of all time! (Photo: Revolution Studios)


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Johnson Family Vacation - These days Cedric the Entertainer is a Soul Man, but back in 2004 he acted as family man Nate Johnson alongside Vanessa Williams as Dorothy Johnson and Solange Knowles as his fashionable daughter and Bow Wow as his rapper wannabe son. This film is the epitome of what can go wrong on a road trip.(Photo: FOX Searchlight Pictures)

The Hangover

3 / 10

The Hangover - Four years ago, a cult classic was created with The Hangover. The Hangover 2 and The Hangover 3 were created most possibly to keep the all-star cast of Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper out of trouble. Afterall, it was set in Vegas and we know what they say. Either way, we'll always recall what went down in the City of Sin in this flick.(Photo: Warner Bros.) 

College Road Trip

4 / 10

College Road Trip - We all know Martin Lawrence is a wild boy, so to see him as overprotective dad James Porter in College Road Trip alongside Raven Symone (as Melanie Porter) was a bit odd, but filled with kicks and giggles. Both Raven and Martin held on to their seats without pulling each other's hair out — traveling across the country to find a university suitable for Martin's baby girl. They both are so crazy! (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Kyle and Randall, Get on the Bus - In Get on the Bus, Spike Lee's movie about a bus trip to the Million Man March, Isaiah Washington and Harry J. Lennix played gay couple Kyle and Randall. One of the film's most powerful moments is when Kyle beats up a homophobic felloe passenger over his comments. (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

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Get on the Bus - In Spike Lee's classic film about the Million Man Marchthere were more than a few heavy-hitters: Ossie Davis, Isaiah Washington, LUV actor Charles S. Dutton and Hill Harper just to name a few. In the end we learned that all of the arguments didn't matter and it was all about the journey.(Photo: Columbia Pictures)


6 / 10

Ride - A group of up-and-coming stars (including The Lady of Rage, Malik Yoba, Kellie Shanygne Williams and John Witherspoon) take a trip to Miami on their road to stardom in this flick. (Photo: Dimension)

Road Trip

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Road Trip - The quintessential film for this flipbook, Road Trip traveled with four friends across country as they tried to retrieve a racy tape that was going to be sent to the main character's girlfriend. (Photo: DreamWorks)

Poetic Justice - Later that year, Janet made her big screen debut with the John Singleton-directed, Tupac-co-starring, cult classic Poetic Justice. Although it received mixed reviews, the movie opened at No. 1 at the box office and her contribution to the soundtrack, "Again," is among her most loved songs.(Photo: Courtesy Columbia Pictures)

8 / 10

Poetic Justice - In Poetic Justice we see Justice (Janet Jackson) literally travel to find love. Justice and Lucky (played by Tupac) have differences at first, but things smooth out after they realize that their social, political and domestic ideals are in line.(Photo: Columbia Records)


9 / 10

Eurotrip - What would you do for love? In this flick, Scott Thomas (played by Scott Mechlowicz) travels to Europe on a buddy pass to find the girl of his dreamss, who he thought was a man, but is actually a girl. It sounds crazy, but we think it all worked out for Scott. And if not, it's on the list as a great road trip flick. (Photo: DreamWorks)

Are We There Yet?

10 / 10

Are We There Yet? - Ice Cube gets put through the ringer by his girlfriend's children in this road trip flick. Here we learn that sometimes the journey is the destination. Why? In the end Ice Cube, a.k.a Nick, gets the girl (played by Nia Long).Guess it was worth the trip, right?(Photo: Revolution Studios)