BET Star Cinema Movie Fun Facts: July 23 to July 29, 2012

Learn fun facts about this week's movies!

Madea's Family Reunion - Saturday at 9P/8C. Encore on Sunday at 5:30P/4:30C.(Photo: Lionsgate Films)

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Madea’s Family Reunion (2006) - Did you know?: Madea’s Family Reunion would go on to gross over $63 million. (Photo: Lionsgate Films)

Good Hair (2009)

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Good Hair (2009) - Good Hair won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Documentary in 2010. (Photo: HBO Films)

Eve's Bayou (1996) - Now established as a Hollywood power player, Jackson stepped into the role of producer for Eve's Bayou. He also starred in this drama set in Louisiana, playing a doctor whose daughter witnesses him having an affair.(Photo: Courtesy Trimark Pictures)

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Eve’s Bayou (1997) - Eve’s Bayou made it onto Time magazine’s list of the 25 Most Important Movies on Race back in 2008. (Photo: Trimark Pictures)

The Long Walk Home (1990)

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The Long Walk Home (1990) - Did you know?: Initially this film was supposed to be directed by John Bailey.  (Photo: New Vision Films)