Hip Hop Awards 2023: Wiz Khalifa's Best Iced Out Moments

Wiz stays icy at all times!

Wiz on Deck!

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Wiz Khalifa stays fresh with his chain and his herbs. Let's see some of his best iced-out moments.

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Leopard Prints And Chains

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Exotic and icy!

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All Black And Iced Out

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Sometimes the smaller the ice, the better!

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Pink. Puppies. Icey.

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This is dope! He looks good!

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Performance Ready, Ice Is Heavy!

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Even during a performance, he's swagged out!

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Crowd Ready, Icy Heavy!

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Wiz probably thinking about how much that chain costs!

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Chill Vibes At The Renaissance!

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He looks great! Watch the Hip Hop Awards 2023 on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023, at 9 PM ET/PT on BET.

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