#LST Love Chronicles, Pt. 5

Will Troy and Kita's love land safely?


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Turn Off the Lights - Crystal's got a little something for Rashad to hold on to, but... (Flip on over to the next slide.)(Photo: BET)


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Enough! - Here comes Dr. Stacy to give Crystal all the education on sex, but she just wants to do it! (Click over to the next slide.)(Photo: BET)


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Say What? - "Crystal's trying to give it up?" (Click over.) (Photo: BET)


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Baby on the Way? - Yeah, if Crystal gets down with Rashad, she'll be having babies like JJ and Emma. Does she want that?(Photo: BET)


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True Love - Or does she want real love like Kita and Troy? (Tap over to the next slide.)(Photo: BET)


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Uhhh! - Crystal can't make a decision! What will she do? (We ain't done yet, click to the next slide.)(Photo: BET)


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Flying High - More importantly, what will Troy and Kita do about their relationship? Will their love land safely or just keep floating?We'll know how this love story will end in the season finale of Let's Stay Together. Tune in tonight at 10:30P/9:30C. Be sure not to miss the #LST Love Chronicles, “where love’s antics live.”(Photo: BET)