Hip Hop Awards 2022: Kanye West Has Incognito Fashion Down

Kanye's style is so hard, you don't need to see his face.

Kanye West

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Kanye West, or Ye as he is now legally, is known for his fashion as much as he is for his music. He stands out so much we don’t actually need to see his face to know it’s him. Sometimes, he chooses to let his swag do the talking. Let’s take a look at five times Ye covered his face in public. By: Alba Anthony

Photo By Leon Bennett


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Kanye West covers his entire face at Super Bowl LVI Pregame

Photo By Kevin Mazur


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Kanye West gives a glimpse of his eyes while covering his face at Schiaparelli: Front Row during Paris Fashion Week

Photo By Peter White


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Kanye West uses a sheer material to cover his face at his Donda listening event

Photo By Kevin Mazur


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Kanye West keeps his face covered as he chats with Ice Cube after a BIG 3 game

Photo By Ethan Miller