Weekend Movie Marathon: Robert Townsend Directs the Hit-Making The Five Heartbeats

Watch the film on Saturday at 3:30P/2:30C.

Fat Albert, Friday at 8P/7C - Kenan Thompson's going to have a good time.  (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

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Fat Albert, Saturday at 10:30A/9:30C - "Hey, hey, hey," it's Kenan Thompson! Watch the funnyman in this hilarious film. (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)

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They Need a Vacation... - Solange, Bow Wow, Vanessa Williams and Cedric the Entertainer all played nice as a family in 2004's Johnson Family Vacation.  Produced by Cedric, the film garned over 30 million dollars, proving the Missouri native is a consistent box office draw.  (Photo: Courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures)

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Johnson Family Vacation, Saturday at 1P/12C - Cedric the Entertainer's just trying to take a quiet family trip. Not sure it'll happen, but he's trying. (Photo: Fox Searchlight)

The Five HeartBeats (Photo: Twentieth Century FOX)

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The Five Heartbeats, Saturday at 3:30P/2:30C - Robert Townsend, Michael Wright, Leon and Harry Lennix form one of the best on-screen musical groups of all time. Take a peek at other films that feature on-screen musical groups. Encore presentation on Sunday at 11:30A/10:30C. (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox) 

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Barbershop (2002) - Hollywood executives had already taken a liking to the man who once killed at will and banked on the Cali lyricist to run the show as a cool headed barber surrounded by his hilarious cohorts Cedric The Entertainer, Eve and Michael Ealy in 2002. Making his transition successfully from music to acting at this point, Cube topped the box office for two weeks with Barbershop and the film eventually grossed over $75 million. The sequel came two years later and pulled in another $65 mill and the third installment is in production now as O'Shea Jackson established himself as a franchise movie player. (Photo: MGM)

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Barbershop, Saturday at 6:30P/5:30C - Ice Cube's doing everything in his power to hold down the fort. Take a look at Ice Cube's box-office hits. Encore presentation on Sunday at 2:30P/1:30C. (Photo: MGM)

Just Wright, Tuesday at 7P/6C - Common's playing but Queen Latifah's the real winner. See other actors play in these sports flicks. Encore on Wednesday at 3P/2C.(Photo: FOX Searchlight Pictures)

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Just Wright, Saturday at 9P/8C - Queen Latifah and Common play a little game of (love) one-on-one. Check out other flicks where love is the game that needs to be conquered. Encore presentation on Sunday at 5P/4C.(Photo: Fox Searchlight)