Hip Hop Awards 2023: The Compton Hair Chronicles: Kendrick Lamar's Best Hair Moments

He keeps them braids tight!

The King Of Compton ...And Hair?

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Kendrick Lamar is known for his versatility on the mic, but also his hairstyles, especially when trying to communicate a powerful message through his artistry. Let's take a look at some of his best hair moments

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Wear Your Crown Proud

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Kendrick Lamar is wearing his crowns proudly during his Rolling Loud set.

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Can't Box Him In

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Kendrick reigns supreme during one of his concerts, while also sporting his braids and fit to complete the look.

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Kendrick's Most Powerful Visual

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Knowing Kendrick, he was spitting a powerful bar and had to make sure he dressed the part for it. The crown on top of his crown just added to the visual.

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Kendrick's Keeping Warm And Staying Fresh

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Lamar is all smiles with his fresh braids at a concert event.

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So Fresh, So Clean

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Kendrick Lamar is all smiles, looking dapper and clean in this look!

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The Braids Is Laid!

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We need the stylist number, ASAP!

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