Hip Hop Awards 2023: Big Coat Energy: Big Sean’s Jacket Magic Decoded

Gotta be warm yet stylish at the same time.

The Man In Black

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While Big Sean isn't big on the spotlight, it's hard to miss his presence, especially his style when he comes around. One thing Big Sean is going to do is wear a stylish coat to pull his lewk together. Let's decode some of Big Sean's best lewks featuring his staple: his jackets.

Photo By Presley Ann

Looking Bomb In The Bomber

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I'm sure Big Sean is looking out to see what other bomber jackets he can cop. Big Sean looks bomb in this silver, bomber jacket. I wonder how many colors he has?

Photo By Big Sean's IG

Supreme Style

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Big Sean is all smiles with his bedazzled grills in this leather Supreme coat. I would be, too, if I looked this good.

Photo By Big Sean's IG

Keepin' It Cool At Coachella

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Poppin' out to Coachella is a big deal! In this intergalactic aesthetic, Big Sean sports a long, hooded gray jacket matched with a T-shirt and detailed jeans. The coat is what really sets off the fit.

Photo By Big Sean's IG

Aries King In His Birthday Suit

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It should be a tradition to wear Varsity Jackets for Big Sean’s birthday.

Photo By Big Sean's IG

Sophisticated And Elevated

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He keeps his style tight, and can make any suit look good

Photo By Big Sean's IG

Business Casual With A Twist

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Whatever deal he was off to make, we’re certain Big Sean got it done.

Photo By Big Sean's IG