The Benefits of Being Single in the Summer

Flirting, brunching and shopping...what's not to love?


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Listen Up - It’s OK to just sit back and listen as opposed to wanting to get your point across right then and there, especially if someone else is speaking. Paying attention and listening without interruption is a sign of mutual respect.  (Photo: JGI/Getty Images)

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Brunch, Brunch, Brunch!


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Shopping ’Til You Drop


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Avoiding Awkward Family BBQs


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Showing Your Flirtatious Side

Not Sweating the Small Stuff - Stable emotional and mental health is such an important part of maintaining overall good health. This year, I am not going to internalize negativity around me: Demanding people, unsupportive “friends,” unnecessary drama and stupidity on social media sites. Instead, I am going to channel that energy into my writing, films, activism and weight loss plan. (Photo: Image Source/Getty Images)

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Getting to Know Yourself Better