#LST Love Chronicles Pt. 1

Uh oh! Darkanian's game is over!


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Rules of Engagement - Just when we thought Crystal had a handle on this whole Darkanian situation (BAM!) she goes and acts out at Jamal's campaign shoot causing a huge scene AND… (next slide)(Photo: BET)


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Pointing Fingers - To backtrack a bit, Crystal isn't fully responsible for what happens next. The thing that happens next was so terrifying, horrifying and upsetting and it all began WHEN… (next slide)(Photo: BET)


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Stay Put - Charles decides to try out his b-ball skills during Jamal’s shoot. We all know Charles is lame at sports, but he TRIES IT. That is until he decides to be Kobe Bryant and WINDS UP… (come on continue)(Photo: BET)


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Boom - Hitting Darkanian's boo right on the head. This prompts an action we never saw coming (but we sort of did, because we work on the show). But this prompts the most genuine gesture from none other THAN… (click to the next slide)(Photo: BET)


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Time Out - Crystal, of course, ran to Darkanian’s aid in a panic that her real, fake boo's man would be hurt. After all, the cameras were watching and Crystal always shows up ready to put on! BUT, Darkanian also came to aid his real, real boo. (Although you can't really see him, he's in the pic here.) That’s when things get really interesting, and you KNOW WHAT ELSE? (click away!)(Photo: BET)


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Watch This! - You have to tune in tonight at 10:30P/9:30C to find out who’s Darkanian’s real boo. This has been an installment of #LST Love Chronicles...“Where love’s antics live.”(Photo: BET)