BET Star Cinema Movie Trivia: August 27 to September 2, 2012

BET Star Cinema gives you the answers to our fun questions.

Four Brothers (2005)

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Four Brothers (2005) - Which movie is Four Brother’s loosely based on?A.The Sons of Katie Elder. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Ray (2004)

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Ray (2004) - True or false: Jamie Foxx played the piano himself.   Answer: True.   (Photo: Universal Pictures)

1995 - Damon Wayans starred in Major Payne, which also featured Damien Dante Wayans as a young cadet.(Photo: Universal Pictures)

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Major Payne (1995) - Which 1955 movie starring Charlton Heston inspired Major Payne?A.The Private War of Major Benson. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Barbershop 2 (2004)  - The blue-eyed actor reprised his Ricky Nash character for the sequel to Barbershop. But instead of finding trouble in this comedy he found love after hooking up with fellow barber Terri (played by rapper Eve). Cedric the Entertainer, Queen Latifah and Kenan Thompson also starred. 

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Barbershop 2 (2004) - Which movie was eventually spun-off from Barbershop 2?Answer: Beauty Shop. (Photo: MGM)