Hip Hop Awards 2023: Rap Statements To Fashion Statements: 7x Doechii Ate Down

The Swamp Princess is flooding us with looks!

Doechii The Barbie

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Doechii is versatile in every lane she enters from music, to even fashion. Doechii makes statements in her artistry, and her outfits are no different. She's bold, she's fun, and she does it with grace and a hint of edge. Let's take a look at 7 of Doechii's fashion statements.

Photo By Irvin Rivera

Von Dutch Came In Clutch

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At this point, make her the Dutchess of Von Dutch.

Photo By Doechii's IG

This Lewk Is Super Cunt

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This is such a cunt lewk right here. Even down to her eye makeup. The mid-drift top with the skirt and the denim bag. Doechii carried this lewk. Her vibrant glam with this fit is super cunt and we love it.

Photo By Doechii's IG

10s Across The Board

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The shirt is self explanatory. And can we get into this bob? Her nails are a standout here with the lip. Doechii understands the assignment folks!

Photo By Doechii's IG

Gone With The Wind, Fabulous

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Hair blowing in the wind with this denim two-piece, soft glam lewk – baby, this is a serve.

Photo By Doechii's IG

Y2K At The Award Shows

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She brought back how the lewks used to be at the BET Awards. Show the girls how it’s done Doechii.

Photo By Doechii's IG

Swamp Princess Barbie

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A life-sized Barbie doll she is.

Photo By Doechii's IG