Sports Recap: Week of July 20

Tiger’s money woes, Vick speaks out, Shaq’s new deal. More.


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Vick Talks to Congress About Dog Fighting - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who served 18 months in prison for dog fighting, spoke out against it and in favor of legislation that would punish people who knowingly attend animal fights and allow minors to attend, AP reports. "Help us to reach out to these kids before they go down the wrong path," Vick said. The law would allow penalties of up to a year in prison and fines for attending a fight and up to three years for allowing a minor to attend.(Photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


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Museum Returns Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy - Since March, Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy, which he was stripped of for receiving illegal benefits while playing college football at USC, was housed at a San Diego sports museum and not returned to the Heisman Trust as expected. On Friday, the museum released a statement saying they returned the trophy back to Bush's family. Now the next step in the matter is for Bush to send the Heisman Trophy back to its rightful owners.(Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)


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Could the NFL Strike Soon Be Over? - There may not be a signed deal in place for a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), but both the NFL owners and players seem to be moving like one is expected soon. The NFL reportedly told its club executives they could be brought up to speed on the ins and outs of the new CBA as early as Thursday and then the NFLPA is gathering its leadership presumably for a potential vote on the new deal to end the four-month-old, owner-imposed lockout. Owners will meet Thursday in Atlanta where a new CBA could be ratified.(Photo: Chris Trotman/Getty Images)


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Former Olympian Carl Lewis' Candidacy in Jeopardy - Nine-time Olympic gold medalist turned New Jersey politician Carl Lewis continues to face problems in his campaign for a seat in that state's legislature. Republicans have challenged his bid, saying he doesn't meet the state's four-year residency requirement.(Photo: Manny Hernandez/PictureGroup)

Japan Defeats U.S.  Women in Soccer - On Sunday, the Japanese women national soccer team upset the United States on penalty kicks to win their nation's first World Cup title 3-1.(Photo: AP Photo/Michael Probst)

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Japan Defeats U.S.  Women in Soccer - On Sunday, the Japanese women national soccer team upset the United States on penalty kicks to win their nation's first World Cup title 3-1.(Photo: AP Photo/Michael Probst)


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James Harrison Expresses Regret About Remarks - Heavily fined Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison apologized Thursday for comments he made during a recent interview with Men'sJournal. What was most interesting about his apology is that he didn't mention NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, though he called him a devil, crook, stupid, dictator and puppet in the piece. Instead he apologized for digs he made at his Steeler teammates.(Photo: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)


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NBA Union Head OK With Players Going Overseas - If more NBA players want to make themselves available to play ball overseas, they apparently have the blessing of players' association executive director Billy Hunter. ESPN obtained a memo Wednesday that Hunter sent out to players this week expressing his support if they look elsewhere to earn a living during the NBA lockout. Prominent players such as Deron Williams, Kevin Durant, Amare Stoudemire and Kobe Bryant have expressed an interest in playing abroad.(Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)


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Shaq Inks Deals With TNT - Recently retired NBA player Shaquille O'Neal has signed a multiyear deal with Turner Sports to work as an analyst for the network's NBA coverage. He's set to work alongside Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson to make the TNT studio show even more entertaining.(Photo: AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

Kobe’s F-Bomb.   - After getting hit with a technical foul, an irate Kobe storms to his seat. Disagreeing with the call, the NBA star calls the ref two F words. (Hint: the second word was a gay slur.) After he is fined $10,000, Bryant issues an apology to the president of a gay rights organization.(Photo: AP Photo)

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Kobe Guarantees Championship Win Next Year - During a recent public rally at a stop on his Nike Asia Tour in China, Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant guaranteed a championship win next year (should there be a season), the Bleacherreport reports. "With all the fans here, and all the support that we have, we're gonna win it next year." What's notable about this is his apparent public support for the team's current roster and new coach Mike Brown, though he was reported to have not been happy with either.(Photo: AP Photo)


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Derek Jeter's No. 1 - Fresh off his 3,000th hit, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter recently landed atop the Harris Interactive poll for the most popular male athlete in the United States. At number two is Peyton Manning; Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are tied for the third spot and Tiger Woods rounds out the top five.(Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images)


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Does Tiger Woods Have Money Woes? - A new report in Fortune magazine suggests that money is getting a little tight for golf star Tiger Woods. "It's no secret that Woods...has suffered financially since his fall from grace. His endorsement list shrank and his marriage ended in a divorce settlement reportedly worth $100 million," the magazine reported. "But now he may actually be hurting for funds. At the very least, there are signs that he isn't generating enough to comfortably cover his costs." However Woods' agent emailed the mag afterwards stating that he's "financially sound" and that stating anything else is "incorrect and factually baseless."(Photo: AP Photo/Matt Rourke, file)