8 Tips for Tighter Abs

Here's how to get the midsection you deserve.


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flat abs

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Eat Better

Say No to Sugar - Reducing the amount of sugar you eat can help keep your blood sugar levels steady. When they’re out of whack, your body stores excess sugar in fat cells in your belly and other “problem” areas. FYI: Sugar isn’t just about what you add, it’s about what’s in your food already. So make sure to read food labels.(Photo: Frank May/dpa/Landov)

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Say No to Sugar

Eat Better - You really are what you eat, so if your hair hasn’t ever grown past your ears in the past five years, perhaps your diet is to blame. It’s easy: eat less crap and eat more protein, fruits and veggies. You know, real food! (Photo: David Papazian/Corbis)

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Watch Your Portions


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Engage Your Abs Whenever You Can


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Toning Moves


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Make Sure to Rest

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