The Evolution of Wesley Snipes

The acting career Wesley Snipes.


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Bad - Wesley was cast in Martin Scorcese's epic video for Michael Jackson's Bad, as a former friend of Michael's who torments him until Michael shows him who's bad. (Photo: Epic Records)

Miami Vice

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Miami Vice - Wesley Snipes' first role was playing the drug dealing pimp Silk on the cop show Miami Vice with Don Johnson. (Photo: NBC)


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Wildcats - Snipes played a high school football player in Wildcats, his first of three movies with Woody Harrelson. The movie also featured a young LL Cool J. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Major League

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Major League - Wesley played Willie Mays Hayes in Major League, a fast, confident outfielder joining Charlie Sheen and Dennis Haybert on the Cleveland Indians. (Photo: Morgan Creek Productions)

Mo Better Blues

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Mo Better Blues - Snipes played Shadow in Spike Lee's Mo Better Blues, an ambitious saxophonist eager to get out of the shadow of trumpet player Bleak Gilliam, played by Denzel Washington. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

King of New York

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King of New York - In King of New York, Snipes played NYPD detective Thomas Flannigan, a cop on the tale of Frank White, played by Christopher Walken. (Photo: Scena International)

Jungle Fever

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Jungle Fever - Wesley played a married architect who had an affair with his white secretary in Jungle Fever, which was directed by Spike Lee and featured Samuel L. Jackson. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

Wesley Snipes

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White Men Can't Jump - In White Men Can't Jump, Wesley played Sidney Deane, a basketball player who teams up with a white player in order to hustle money out of unsuspecting basketball players. (Photo: Twentieth Century FOX)

Passenger 57

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Passenger 57 - In Passenger 57, Snipes plays a former police officer who winds up on a plane that is hijacked by a master terrorist who never learned to always bet on Black. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Demolitian Man

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Demolitian Man - In Demolition Man, Snipes plays a villain who was frozen in the past and wakes up in the future to face off against a police officer played by Sylvester Stallone. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Money Train

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Money Train - In Money Train, Snipes reunited with Woody Harrelson and teamed up with Jennifer Lopez as transit officers trying to stop a train robbery. (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Waiting to Exhale, Saturday at 7P/6C - Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon, Angela Bassett and the late Whitney Houston relax, relate and release. Encore presentation on Sunday at 3P/2C.(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Pictures)

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Waiting to Exhale - In Waiting to Exhale, which featured Whitney Houston and Lela Rochon, Snipes played Angela Bassett's character Bernie's close friend. (Photo: Twentieth Century FOX)

The Fan

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The Fan - In The Fan, Wesley played an arrogant, talented baseball player, who is stalked and tormented by a demented fan played by Robert DeNiro. (Photo: Columbia TriStar)

Blade (1998)  - Loosely based on the Marvel Comics character, Blade can be counted as one of the pre-Twilight films to bring sexy vampires back. Wesley Snipes starred as the human-vampire hybrid hero out to protect the human race from bloodsuckers out to harvest them for their blood.Fourteen years after the release of this hit supernatural thriller, we look back on the cast who stalked the night.(Photo: New Line Cinema)

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Blade - Wesley Snipes played a half-vampire superhero with martial arts and sword skills in the Marvel Comic movie adaptation Blade. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

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Murder at 1600 - Wesley Snipes played a detective on the trail of a murder that leads him into a hornets' nest of conspiracies and corruption in Murder at 1600. (Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

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U.S. Marshals

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U.S. Marshals - In U.S. Marshals, Snipes played a government agent framed for murder, who is chased by U.S. Marshals, led by Tommy Lee Jones. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Disappearing Acts

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Disappearing Acts - In Disappearing Acts, Snipes played a Brooklyn construction worker who falls in love with a teacher, played by Sanaa Lathan. (Photo: HBO Films)

Brooklyn's Finest

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Brooklyn's Finest - In Brooklyn's Finest, Snipes played a drug lord being investigated by an undercover officer played by Don Cheadle. (Photo: Millennium Films)