Spring Cleaning Your Body and Mind

New season, new you—inside and out.


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Audios Winter - Hello, Spring! The new season isn’t just for cleaning your apartment—you can apply it to your health, too. New season, new you, inside-out. By Kellee Terrell (Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/GettyImages)


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Audios Winter

Juice, Juice, Juice! - Like most Americans, I do not get my daily six to nine servings of fruits and veggies everyday, but one way to change that is by juicing on a daily basis. My favorite recipe is a combo of kale, apple, carrots and beets. Even better: Not all juicers are expensive either. There are juicers to fit in everyone’s budget.(Photo: Detroit Free Press/MCT/LANDOV)

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Juice Up

Hydrate, Hydrate - It’s important to make sure you drink a lot of H20 on your period. It sounds odd, but water keeps your body from retaining water and helps to avoid painful bloating during menstruation. Warm or hot water or tea is better for cramps as hot liquids increase blood flow and relax muscles. (Photo: Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images)

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Drink More Water

Tossing Out Expired Food - In the winter, we tend to hibernate, stocking up on food. Now is the time to toss out anything that's expired to make room for your new and healthier diet. You might also find some healthy stuff packed away in the back of your pantry.   (Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

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Tossing Out Expired Food


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Read Food Labels


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Get Your Om On


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Try a New Workout