EP 409 Recap: Sex, Lies and Packing Tape

Crystal gives Rashad a little something, something!


1 / 10

Get Busy, It's Crystal's Birthday! - Doesn't she look fly on her birthday?(Photo: BET)


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Good News - Charmaine (played by Kim Whitley) hands Tasha and Jamal the keys to their new home. What now?(Photo: BET)


3 / 10

New House or New Shoes? - The Woodsons have a new home, but all Tasha really wants is some new shoes. Just shameful!(Photo: BET)


4 / 10

You Gon' Get This Work! - It wouldn't be Crystal if she didn't have a little fun before her first most romantic encounter.(Photo: BET)


5 / 10

Aww Shucks, Now! - So then Crystal put on her deflowering night gown and it was almost on! You see Rashad's face?(Photo: BET)


6 / 10

Are You Ready for This?! - Rashad doesn't know that Crystal is about to put it on him!(Photo: BET)


7 / 10

Abort Mission - We're sure Kita and Troy weren't ready for their helicopter to go down.(Photo: BET)


8 / 10

Our Love Is Strong - The bright side is that Kita and Troy went down with each other. Love always prevails, right?(Photo: BET)


9 / 10

No New House? - So yeah, Jamal and Tasha stopped by Charles's and Stacy's house indefinitely. There's no new house. (Insert sad face.)(Photo: BET)


10 / 10

Oh! There's More? - Just when they thought they got rid of Tasha and Jamal!(Photo: BET)