Get Your Self-Love On!

Why masturbating is good for you.


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You Gotta Know What You Like

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It Can Empower You


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Do You Know Where Your G-Spot Is?

Use a Toy! - Some people rely on their fingers for self-love, but to mix it up and heighten your orgasm, opt for a vibrator, dildo or other toys. Learn how to expand your fun at  (Photo: Bedroom Kandi)

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Use a Toy!

Throw Some Lube on It - Lube is a great tool to have for masturbation. The added moisture to your lady parts can help decrease friction from your fingers and toys and can definitely increase your pleasure. Even better, lube comes in a variety of prices and flavors. Go experiment.  (Photo: WET)

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Throw Some Lube on It

Or Nah? - It’s one of the rules that seem to persist no matter who is doing the advising: Don’t have sex on the first date. But why not? And what if you really want to? Here, the pros and cons of getting it in on date one. By Kenrya Rankin Naasel   (Photo: Rob Melnychuk/Corbis)

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Oh, the Variety!


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It’s Worry Free


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Masturbation Has Health Benefits, Too