Apps That Will Make College Life a Breeze

Make your college experience as easy as a click.


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There's an App for That

Mathway - If math’s not your thing, then you’ll be thankful for Mathway. This app includes step-by-step work and explanations to get you to any math solution. First, do it yourself, then enter your task into the application to double check result. Wrong answer? Return to Mathway and see exactly where you went wrong.  (Photo: Mathway)

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Snap2PDF - Formatting files into PDFs can get a bit tricky. This app consolidates the process into a single click (Yay)! Just take a pic of the needed text and then convert this picture into a PDF file.   (Photo: Snap2PDF)

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MINT Personal Finance App - For those who resolved this year to maintain a steady budget and to save efficiently, this one is for you. The MINT Personal Finance app is available for both iPhone and Android and allows you to check your credit, pay your bills and manage your money all in one place.(Photo: MINT via Twitter)

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