7 Historic Women That Would Stop at Nothing for Justice

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Rosa Parks     - Commonly referred to as “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement,” Rosa Parks fought for equality while standing her ground on the bus boycotts during the 1960s.


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Patrice Cullors - Co-founder of Black Lives Matter movement. She’s an advocate for criminal justice reform. She helped to bring awareness to police violence against unarmed Black men and alerted people to the idea for justice for years to come.


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Mala Yousafazi - A Pakistani school girl who defied the odds against Taliban attacks. She’s a global advocate for women’s rights, particularly for education. Over two million people signed the Right to Education campaign petition. Her petition helped to ratify Pakistan’s first right to the education bill.


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Susan B. Anthony - She formed the National Woman Suffrage Association and fought for the rights of women and men alike. She truly believed that African-Americans and all women alike should have the right to vote and stood her ground on those issues.


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Diane Nash     - As an activist for social reform in the South, Nash helped to end segregation in Nashville school systems by forming major protests that involved white and Black college students. Because of Nash’s efforts, Nashville became the first southern city to end segregation at lunch counters.


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Fannie Lou Hamer - She was an activist that specifically fought for voting rights of African-Americans. As someone who worked side by side with Martin Luther King Jr., Fannie became heavily involved with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.


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Maxine Waters   - A Congresswoman serving California’s 43rd District. Maxine Waters is best known for her efforts to impeach Donald Trump for his presidential campaign's collusion with Russia.