Hip Hop Awards 2023: Big Hair, Big Glo: GloRilla’s Sexy Hair Glam Moments

Glo big or go home.

Give It Up For The Bob!

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GloRilla never shies from going big with her hair glam, from the different styles, and colors, ultimately having her fans anticipate the next style she's going to have. Let's kick off the Hair Glam chronicles of GloRilla with this American Music Awards hair where the rising rapper gives us a nice blonde bob with her suit. She looks fabulous!

Photo By Amy Sussman

Blondes Have More Fun

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Look back at it! GloRilla is giving us body and honey blonde with his wavy bust down. The timbs is definitely giving us New York vibes, too.

Photo By GloRilla's IG

Swoop That Thang’

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The swoop is everything with this Icy lewk. The small part at the side like she really ate this lewk up!

Photo By GloRilla's IG

GloRilla Is Blazin'

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Red hair if you dare. GloRilla is giving us nice island vibes here with this turquoise two-piece and her braided red hair. This is the type of hair you do before heading out on vacation.

Photo By GloRilla's IG

Creamsicle Vibes

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Oh baby, this is too cute. GloRilla's personality is present not only through her actions, but her lewks, too. The pink hair does her so well and to wear it with the Versace set, she's taking it!

Photo By GloRilla's IG

It's The Bayang For Me

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Let that bang hang low Glo – she looks good!

Photo By GloRilla's IG

Don't Play Around With The Buss Down!

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Whoever did this buss down did their thing!

Photo By GloRilla's IG