Hip Hop Awards 2023: Stop Playin' With Em Ice: 7x Ice Spice Was In Her Fashion Mood

She a baddie, she know she a 10

A Round Of Applause For The Baddie

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Ice Spice stays in her mood and her bag whether she's getting to the bag, releasing a bop, or existing in the latest fashion pieces. Look at 7x the rap princess was in her mood and gave us some lewks!

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Pink And Poppin'

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One thing about Spice: she's going to give us a soft look to fawn over. This pretty pink two-piece is everything on the Bronx Baddie

Photo By Ice Spice's IG

Nothing But Bags And Big Bronx Energy

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Spend a bag and make it right back. Chanel on the leg, stacks in hand, and her name is worldwide. A nice cropped, bedazzled t-shirt and some jean shorts with a good bust down. A calm fit after you played so hard.

Photo By Ice Spice IG

A Bronx Rockstar

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Give us grunge, but make it sexy. This unbothered Capricorn Princess never misses.

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Off To Make A Bag, Be Right Back

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A nice, black dress to pop out in with a good face beat. Lowkey could even wear this to a flight and sit cozy...likee???

Photo By Ice Spice's IG

Pretty Pink Passenger Seat Princess

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Who said a Passenger Princess couldn't serve while keepin' it cute in the car? This dress and crop jacket moment is everything. And yes, kick your shoes off!

Photo By Ice Spice's IG

Switch Up And Step Out

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The brown is everything on Ice Spice. Whoever is her stylist needs a raise. And this colorful dress with the blue acrylics truly brings the look together. It's a 10 for my good sister!

Photo By Ice Spice's IG