Da Brat And Jesseca Dupart: Love, Friendship, And Other Moments Of PDA Before Their 2-22-22 Wedding!

Also, check out the lovebird's 'Coming To America' themed engagement photo!

Save The Date

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To countdown to their upcoming wedding nuptials, Da Brat And Jesseca Dupart shared this adorable save-the-date photo on Instagram. “2-22-22. It’s like 45 days away,” Dupart captioned the image. We are definitely feeling the 'Coming To America' theme!

Photo by @darealbbjudy via Instagram

Matching Manicures

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Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart proudly showed off their matching manicures after visiting nail artist, Vanessa Gisselle.

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Unbreakable Bond

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Jesseca Dupart rocked a customized ‘Set It Off’ graphic tee to celebrate her bae’s successful stint on the play rendition of the movie classic. Now that’s support!

Photo by @darealbbjudy via Instagram

Photoshoot Fine

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While prepping for a photoshoot, the lovebirds gave fans all the feels when they snapped this stylish photo filled with PDA. Such a mood!

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Da Brat constantly proves she loves Jesseca Dupart! In case you missed it, the couple shared this photo showing their unbreakable bond. It’s the way Jesseca looks at Brat for us!

Photo by @darealbbjudy via Instagram

Lovely Couple

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Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart spend every moment they can together. During their downtime, the busy duo shared this fashionable flick on the ‘gram.

Photo by @sosobrat via Instagram

Twin Flames

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Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart are meant to be together! While handling business on their phones, the pair snapped this stylish photo in coordinated outfits. “#twinflames (not twins .... TWIN FLAMES, it’s a difference ) #myforever #andevenafterdat LIVING IN OUR COLORFUL WORLD,” Dupart captioned the image.

Photo by @darealbbjudy via Instagram

Swag All 2021

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The dynamic duo walked into 2021 with some serious swag and hustle mentality! Yassss to coordinated ensembles.

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Versace Hotties

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There’s nothing like matching Versace to make a statement on the ‘gram. The couple created an entire vibe when they posted this couple’s photo in expensive drips from the luxury fashion brand. Get into it!

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A Smooch

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The dynamic duo shared a sweet smooch while enjoying a much-needed baecation. “She’s everything and more @sosobrat,” Dupart captioned the photo on Instagram.

Photo by @darealbbjudy via Instagram

Bored, In The House Bored

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The lovebirds showed fans the “weird things” they did while quarantining. Haha! We think it’s safe to say, we all know the struggle of staying entertained at home.

Photo by @sosobrat via Instagram