Black Twitter Reacts to Real Husbands of Hollywood

Boris proves that he's B.U.T.I.F.U.L.


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Kevin Hart Stays Ready - The star of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart was ready for the night to begin and since Boris Kodjoe was B.U.T.I.F.U.L. as always, the world tuned in.  (Photo: Kevin Hart via Twitter)


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Stitches - Alexa laughed so hard that she couldn't keep from crying. (Photo: Alexa Rapps via Twitter)


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Joke of the Night - Well, they were playing basketball and discussing grannies, so it made sense ha!(Photo: Film Fatale via Twitter)


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Funny Man - Who's more hilarious than Kevin Hart right now? If you ask Yasin, the answer is nobody.  (Photo: Yasin Pretlow via Twitter)


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Season 3 Better Than Ever - Season three is bigger and better than ever.   (Photo: Luscious Monae via Twitter)


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Who's Your Favorite? - If Kevin had to answer this question he would have hashtagged his name three times... or more.  (Photo: Jack Daniel/Ezzmundo via Twitter)


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Never Gets Old - From marathons to new episodes, #RHOH kills the comedy game. (Photo: Kabelo_Ramasia via Twitter)


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#Comediology - We're not sure what #Comediology is, but Kevin's got it!(Photo: J-Boogie via Twitter)


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Day Off - Uhhh... fire the sub or nah?(Photo: Lo via Twitter)


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He Told You So - When Kevin Hart speaks, listen. He's always right! (Photo: Kevin Hart via Twitter)