Stream This! 10 Web Series You Need to Watch Now

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Don?t Think You Have to Go Out - If y?all are not the club or bar type, that?s fine too. Girls Night Out could be a potluck and wine night that someone hosts at their place. You can catch up, do makeovers, play Cards Against Humanity or watch Netflix. Remember: This is about quality time and bonding, regardless of where it goes down.   (Photo: Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business/Corbis)

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Telling Our Stories

Get Your Life - Comedienne and actress Amanda Seales has teamed up with Issa Rae for her new hilarious scripted web series Get Your Life. The show follows Amanda as she wonders if she should leave New York City to try and conquer LA in order for a new life and some new loving. Watch the first episode here and catch the next one every Wednesday.  (Photo: Black & Sexy TV via Youtube)

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Get Your Life

Photo By Photo: Black & Sexy TV via Youtube

Pretty - Created by Nigerian-American filmmaker and blogger Antonia Opiah, this incredible documentary series follows Black women around the world to ask the question, ?What determines beauty?? From Paris to Milan to London, Pretty talks about how we navigate each culture?s standards of attractiveness.   (Photo: Un-Ruly via Youtube)

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Lisa and Amy Are Black - If you like Broad City, then you?ll love Lisa and Amy Are Black, which stars comedy writers Lisa Mcquillan (Black-ish) and Amy Aniobi (Silicon Valley). The hilarious web series tackles sex talk, side-hustles, spray tans and even shingles. Prepare to laugh your butt off.   (Photo: Lisa and Amy are Black via Youtube)

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Lisa and Amy Are Black

You?re So Talented - This Gotham Award nominated series follows the trials and tribulations of Bea, a struggling actress in Chicago who is trying to navigate her life, love and career. Think Girls minus being annoyed. See the trailer for season 2 here.  (Photo: Our Names Are Sam Productions/Open TV Beta via Vimeo)

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You’re So Talented

Becoming Nia - Another Black & Sexy TV series, Becoming Nia follows Nia, a single mother who adores her son but struggles to make ends meet. This thoughtful series is a realistic and touching portrayal of juggling motherhood, self-care and finding love.   (Photo: Black & Sexy TV via youtube)

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Becoming Nia


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Ackee & Saltfish

Qraftish - A documentary series from Black Girl Dangerous, Qraftish follows 18-year-old Christal, a self-proclaimed queerling, as she ponders through issues of race, sexuality, gender and feminism ? all while making crafts. This insightful series is a breath of fresh air.  (Photo: Black Girl Dangerous via Youtube)

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An African City - A Nigerian take on Sex and the City, this series follows the lives of five single young women of African descent who have recently resettled in Accra, Ghana, after living abroad for most of their lives. All college educated, the women tackle many issues, which include skin lightening, safe sex, abstinence and career.   (Photo: An African City via Youtube)

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An African City


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