Go Ahead and Have a Summer Fling!

Hookups are pretty amazing if you can do it right.


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couple at the pool

Summertime Funtime - Summer is finally here! And with that means fun, cocktails and rooftop parties. It can also mean finding a little summer boo, minus the serious commitment, to spend your time with. Here are eight reasons why it?s totally OK to have fun this summer. By Kellee Terrell  (Photo: Image Source/Corbis)

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Summertime Funtime


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September Soon Come


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He's Not the One


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They Are Drama Free (Or Should Be)


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You Need a Plus One


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You Have Needs


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Try New Things

It?s OK for Things Not to Last - There is so much pressure to be locked down for life when it comes to relationships. A summer fling can let you have fun and learn how to go on dates and be courted minus the pressure. It's great dating practice. You?ve only got so many summers of trial and error left, so you might as well make the most of them.  (Photo: ERproductions Ltd/Blend Images/Corbis)

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It’s OK for Things Not to Last


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It Could Last a Long Time