The Cast of LUV

Check out the familiar faces in LUV!

The Cast of LUV

1 / 10

An All-Star Cast! - Not only is LUV an incredible story, but it features an amazing cast. Check out the amazing talent right here.

Common as Uncle Vincent

2 / 10

Common as Uncle Vincent - Common's turn as the mysterious but loving Uncle Vincent allowed him to add another dimension to his acting resume. The rapper-turned-actor has mentioned that he liked Vincent's character for his depth and complexity. (Photo: LUV Films 5)

Michael Rainey Jr. as Woody

3 / 10

Michael Rainey Jr. as Woody - As one of Rainey's first starring roles, the young actor exudes a sense of wonder and innocence to the character. Woody is left in the care of his grandmother with his Uncle Vincent being the only male figure around to guide him. (Photo: LUV Films 5)

Dennis Haysbert as Mr. Fish

4 / 10

Dennis Haysbert as Mr. Fish - Haysbert brought a sternness in his portrayal of Mr. Fish. In interviews for the movie, he praised Rainey for his professionalism and performance as Woody. (Photo: LUV Films 5)


5 / 10

Danny Glover as Arthur - The seasoned actor steps into the role of a mysterious man who may or may not be looking out for Vincent's interests.(Photo: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Charles S. Dutton as Cofield

6 / 10

Charles S. Dutton as Cofield - Who is Cofield? Is he a good guy or bad guy? And what is his connection to Vincent? The only way to find out is to watch! (Photo: LUV Films 5)

Meagan Good @MeaganGood - Tweet: "Was a huge KrissKross fan.If you remember the N'Sync craze?That's how I was bout the Chris's.My room was COVER'D in posters RIP #ChrisKelly" (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

7 / 10

Meagan Good as Beverly - Meagan Good portrays Beverly Freeman, a woman who has history with Vincent and tries her best to help him out of his current situation. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Michael K. Williams as Detective Holloway

8 / 10

Michael K. Williams as Detective Holloway - Best known for his roles in TV series such as The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, Williams appearance was one for the fans as he returned to the same Baltimore streets (albeit in a completely opposite role) that he roamed in The Wire. (Photo: LUV Films 5)

Lonette McKee

9 / 10

Lonette McKee as Grandma - Lonette McKee captures the audience's heart as the loving grandmother and caretaker of Woody. (Photo: Joseph Marzullo/


10 / 10

Anwar Glover as Enoch Boykin - Also an alum of The Wire, Glover returns to the Baltimore streets as one of Vincent's many antagonists.   (Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)