6 Celebrity Inventors You Should Know More About

It pays to be brilliant!


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6 Celebrity Inventors - In the last episode of Frankie & Neffe, we witnessed Neffe begin to concoct her own T-shirt line. We got inspired to compile a list of celebs who actually invented things (some of which we all use today). (Photos from left: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect, Christopher Polk/Getty Images, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)


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Straight Up Won't Work - Apparently the flat based mic stand didn't work out for Paula Abdul. So she created (and patented) a mic stand that has a rounded bottom, allowing for performers to maneuver in any direction without fear of falling on stage.  (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)


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Purple Keytar - In 1992 Prince got a patent for a portable keyboard/guitar instrument. Guess what? It's purple too! (Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

Michael Jackson, "Smooth Criminal" - The mix of ballroom dancing and Michael Jackson's signature moves in this Western-set-in-a-nightclub are only topped by the legendary moment when he and his fedora-wearing crew do the anti-gravity lean and circular moonwalk.(Photo: Epic Records)

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The Smoothest of Criminals - Real or an illusion? In Jackson's 1987 video for "Smooth Criminal," we saw him defy gravity as he leaned forward almost 180 degrees. In 1993, Jackson co-patented specially made shoes that hitch into a device on the stage, thus presenting the illusion of anti-gravity and some cool moves.  (Photo: Epic Records)


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Bill Nye the Ballet Guy - We all know that he's been on point for years, but we didn't know this! The scientist reformatted the original ballet shoes to include a toe box which encases and protects the toes from any discomfort a dancer may experience while dancing on pointe. (Photos from left: Michael Buckner/Getty Images, Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia)


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Let the Force Be With You - Talk about taking ownership! Star Wars director George Lucas holds a patent for co-inventing the Boba Fett action figure. This is one of 11 patents that the director holds.  (Photo: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)


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Man of Many Faces - After Andy Warhol's death, the American Watch Company granted him a patent for a watch he created with not one, but five faces. This is full acknowledgment that art does make the world go 'round. (Photo: Susan Greenwood / Liaison Agency)