BET Star Cinema Fun Facts: February 13 to February 19, 2012

Learn fun facts about this week's movies!

If the Shoe Fits?  - Whitney Houston handpicked Brandy to play the title role in Rogers and Hammerstein?s TV version of Cinderella. The TV movie stars a multi-cultural cast, including Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander and Houston (who was also the movie?s executive producer).   (Photo: Storyline Entertainment)

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Cinderella (1997) - Brandy is the first African-American to portray Cinderella. (Photo: Brownhouse Productions)

Baby Boy (2001)

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Baby Boy (2001) - Fun fact: Did you know the role of Jody was originally written with Tupac Shakur in mind? (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Fat Albert (2004)

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Fat Albert (2004) - Did you know: Forest Whitaker was originally considered to direct Fat Albert. (Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)


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Video Girl (2011) - This is the second movie that Webbie and Lil Boosie have both made an appearance in. The first was Ghetto Stories: The Movie. (Photo: Dan Garcia Productions)