The Buzz: Lil Wayne Is Recovering, A Hip Hop Legend Lost and More...

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Rick Ross vs. LMFAO - Rick Ross is suing LMFAO over their 2011 "Party Rock Anthem" song. He says their "everyday I'm shufflin'" line is a direct bite of the "everyday I'm hustlin'" hook off his debut single, "Hustlin'," circa 2006. Rozay wants to be compensated for the 7.5 million units they pushed of their song, plus some for the merchandising and licensing deals they made using the catch phrase.(Photo: Alberto Reyes/

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Rick and Reebok... Still At It - Of course the Rick Ross and Reebok controversy hasn't died yet and Rick was spotted talking to the company's execs recently. Reebok says that they're disappointed that they had to drop him because he's a great guy that made a bad decision because he has "stupid advisors around him." Better luck next time Rick!  (Photo: Alberto Reyes/

Special Amenities in the Bedroom - Wayne keeps a mini fridge in his bedroom. The rapper says he's become so used to life on the road, living in five-star hotels, he needs that same type of setup at home. There's no bottled water, but he does have Gatorade in there. He says it's not for him, though, it's for "them thirsty b-----."(Photo: David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/ MCT /LANDOV)

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Oh, Weezy - While in the midst of a controversy regarding Emmett Till's estate and their want to have Lil Wayne removed from his Mount Dew sponsorships, Lil Wayne suffered from another seizure on Tuesday. He's currently recovering and doing well at home. We are sending well wishes to Weezy and hope that his health improves with his summer tour approaching.(Photo: David Santiago/ El Nuevo Herald/ MCT /LANDOV)

Tyler, the Creator, @f--ktyler - Tweet: "'WHOA TYLER HUGE FAN CAN I GET A PHOTO' YEAH, BUT NAME THREE SONGS ' UH, MAN, YOU GOT ME UNDER PRESSURE' HE COULDNT SO HE WALKED AWAY HAHA"Word of advice for anyone claiming they're a super-fan of Tyler, the Creator: make sure you can list a few of his hits before you ask for a flick. #DontGetCaughtWithTheDumbFace(Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

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Tyler In Hot Water - Speaking of Mountain Dew, a controversial commercial for the brand created by Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator. The commercial features a criminal line-up of a few Black men and a goat with a woman who is battered telling the cops that she's too scared to say who hurt her. The commerical has since been pulled, but the damage is done because everyone who has seen it is up in arms. (Photo: Roger Kisby/Getty Images)


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Rest Peacefully Chris - Chris 'Mac Daddy' Kelly of the 90s hip hop duo Kriss Kross passed away last night from an alleged drug overdose. This story is still developing, but we send Chris's loved ones well wishes during this difficult time.(Photo: Alpha /Landov)

Kanye West on being voted seventh in the “Hottest MC in the Game” list: -  “[Being] number seven bothers me.”  (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

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One Man, One Date - Kanye West simply tweeted "June Eighteen" this morning. It's the only tweet that he has since he deleted all of the others that came before that. It was his declaration and way to let us know that we should expect his new solo album (currently we don't know the name) on that day. Can't wait Yeezy! (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)


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The Royal Bum - Beyonce's alleged tour rider was released yesterday and on the list of things that she needs are red toilet paper (we don't get it) and titanium straws (because they're easier to sterilize?). We'll let you sit with those two demands and try to figure out why just like we are.(Photo: