Life in Film: Tia and Tamera Mowry

Check out the films that featured the all-star twins!

Seventeen Again (2000)

1 / 8

Seventeen Again (2000) - Tamera plays a younger version of Tia's grandmother after being transformed by some special soap. Also starring Tahj Mowry, Tia and Tamera's younger brother, Seventeen Again is a hilarious family affair about everlasting love and the importance of holding on to youth.(Photo:  Showtime Networks)

Something to Sing About (2000)

2 / 8

Something to Sing About (2000) - Tamera Mowry stars alongside Darius McCrary in this Christian film about an ex-convict looking for a fresh start. (Photo: Dean River Productions)

The Hot Chick (2002)

3 / 8

The Hot Chick (2002) - Tamera and Tia make an appearance in this somewhat obscure comedy (that has since gone on to become a cult classic on Tumblr) about a shallow girl whose body is switched with that of a criminal. (Photo: Touchstone Pictures)

Twitches (2005)

4 / 8

Twitches (2005) - This film focuses on two magical twins who are separated at birth and placed in hiding on Earth — far away from their dimension of origin. After meeting each other for the first time during a chance encounter, the two sisters unearth their powers and try to stop an evil force that only they can prevent.(Photo: Disney)

Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion - Diamondz (2006)

5 / 8

Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion - Diamondz (2006) - Tia Mowry voices Sasha in this computer-generated children's favorite.(Photo: MGA Entertainment)

Twitches Too (2007)

6 / 8

Twitches Too (2007) - The sequel to the 2005 film, Twitches Too finds the magical duo settling into their new powers while juggling everyday life. Soon enough, the same evil forces from the last movie threaten the two and they must work together with their extended family to overcome them. (Photo: Disney)

The American Standards (2008)

7 / 8

The American Standards (2008) - Tia Mowry has an appearance in this drama about a family dealing with their matriarch's recent onset of Alzheimer's disease. (Photo: Louisiana Production Capital)

Double Wedding (2010)

8 / 8

Double Wedding (2010) - Two sisters end up dating the same man in this hilarious romantic comedy about a two-timing boyfriend who's in way over his head. (Photo: XENON)