6 Myths of the Strong Black Woman Mary Jane Shuts Down

Six strong Black woman myths Mary Jane shuts down.


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You Don't Have to Find Your Career Stride in Your 20s - So often it's communicated to us that crossing the stage and getting that diploma means you have to land that "secure" job ASAP. If you don't then you're a failure. However, it's important to embrace every stage of finding what makes you happy career-wise. (Photo: michaeljung/ Getty images)


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You Don't Have to Get Married By A Certain Age - A lot of times we get caught up with the idea that we are suppose to be married to someone by a certain age. This idea can get in the way, instead of accepting each relationship for what it is we are constantly trying to figure out if that's someone I can settle down with.(Photo: Yellow Dog Productions Inc./ Getty Images)


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It's OK to Date Around - Too often we are quick to judge women who have more than one potential bae they are dating at once. However, women ought to feel in control of their dating life. (Photo: Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images)


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Speak up at Work for a Cause You Believe In - So often we can find ourselves shrinking back and not speaking up at work out of fear, that what we have to say isn't "good enough," or no one will listen. Stop making these silly excuses and start creating the change you want to see by speaking up.(Photo: Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images) 


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You Don't Owe Anyone All the Answers - Don't worry if you don't have all the answers to everything at work, your relationships or know what's next for you in life. You don't always have to be right or respond to everyone's questions. Take your time. (Photo: Izabela Habur/ Getty Images)


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You Don't Have to Feel Alone While the Only Black Girl - Be open to letting those who don't look like you into your life. Those fighting for a cause with us or those willing to hear us out during those ugly times in our lives might not look like us, and it's OK. (Photo: digitalskillet/ Getty Images)