How to Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Because working yourself to death is not an option.


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Embrace Those Quiet Moments at Work - In the middle of a crazy day, try taking a short walk to clear your mind or meditating in the conference room for 10 minutes. These little moments can mean a lot for your mental health. (Photo: Sean Justice/Getty Images)


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Don’t Work Yourself to Death!


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What Are Your Priorities?


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Don’t Stop Working Out


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Embrace Those Quiet Moments at Work

Learn When to Say 'No' - Wanting to perform well means long hours, doubling up on work, etc. Sometimes you have to say ?yes,? but there are times when you have to say ?no.? Learn to set boundaries with your bosses, especially about acceptable times to email and call after work hours. (Photo: Jorge Silva /Landov)

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Learn When to Say 'No'

Ask for Help - Finding the right work-life balance isn?t easy. If you are struggling, ask for help. Talk to your coworkers and friends about how they cope and if you feel comfortable, talk to your boss about it, too. (Photo: Artiga Photo/Corbis)

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Ask for Help


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Respect Your Private Time


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Pencil in Some Down Time


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Use Those Vacation Days


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Get More ZZZs