EP 410 Recap: Full House

Are Troy and Kita getting married?


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The Little, Wittle One - Jamal and Tasha may get on Stacy's nerves but she still loves her little niece and nephew. Look at those cheeks!(Photo: BET)


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Time to Go! - Yeah, Stacy's thinking it's time for Jamal and Tasha to go. Family's extended stay. That's a no, no!(Photo: BET)


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Not a Man-cation! - Kita's praying that Troy will get some backbone and some life skills while they're stranded. (Photo: BET)


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Bam! - Poof! Just like that Troy ate his spinach and everything turned out just fine. He's ready to take on anything. (Photo: BET)


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Girl Bye! - Stacy can't take another day living with her sister.(Photo: BET)


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Well, What Can We Do? - Obviously Charles enjoys having his best friend and in-law in the same house.(Photo: BET)


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We're Not Wanted? - Jamal and Tasha don't have to take this! They're leaving.(Photo: BET)


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Two Cousins in a Pod - Did Crystal really flunk out of college for being at a protest?(Photo: BET)


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Shelter With Love - Just when Kita gave up all hope, Troy surprises her with some love...(Photo: BET)


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Uhh - And a ring? Are Troy and Kita getting married?(Photo: BET)