Flicks of the Week: Omari Hardwick Sparks One Woman's Artistic Voice In Things Never Said

The actor stars in "Things Never Said" on BET Star Cinema.

Things Never Said, Saturday at 3P/2C

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Things Never Said Premieres, Thursday at 9P/8C - Omari Hardwick awakens something in another man's woman. Encore presentation on Friday at 12P/11C. Watch an exclusive clip now! (Photo: CodeBlack Films)

House of Bodies Premieres July 16 at 9P/8C - Terrence Howard stars as a detective seeking to get to the bottom of a string of murders that end up right at his front door.(Photo: Flavor Unit Entertainment)

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House of Bodies Premieres, Wednesday at 9P/8C - Terrence Howard's on the case. (Photo: Flavor Unit Entertainment)

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Stomp the Yard - In this 2007 ode to the fraternity stepping culture of HBCUs, Columbus Short, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Brian White and Laz Alonso turn up the heat with spectacular choreography and gorgeous abs. Just wait until you see the scene where the shirtless boys jog up a mountain. You're welcome.  (Photo: Screen Gems)

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Stomp the Yard, Monday at 7P/6C - Columbus Short's the big man on campus. Open the book to a few other college flicks.  (Photo: Screen Gems)

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Tuesday at 7:30P/6:30C

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Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, Tuesday at 7:30P/6:30C - Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora and Niatia 'Lil Mama' Kirkland as star as the iconic girl group. Take a peek at other films about musical groups.  (Photo: VH1)

The Best Man (1999) - Hall played Candy in this seminal rom-com classic. Her performance as a surprisingly wholesome exotic dancer won her the heart of Harold Perrineau's character, Murch, and also got audiences to take notice.  (Photo: Universal Pictures)

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The Best Man, Thursday at 7P/6C - Join the love fest. Encore presentation on Friday at 2:30P/1:30C.Flip through other love-filled films. (Photo: Universal Pictures)

The Being Mary Jane Effect  - Mary Jane Paul encounters many men in her life that charm her, scold her and give her much needed life advice. Check out the real men behind the characters. (Photo: BET)

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Being Mary Jane, Friday at 10A/9C - Gabrielle Union's tackling love, relationships and a full-time career.A few other flicks deals with love and the wrong places to find it!(Photo: BET)

Queen Latifah, Set It Off - Latifah had already landed small roles in Juice and Jungle Fever, but her turn as a bank robber in 1996's Set It Off showed that she was ready for more screen time, leading the way for her Oscar-nominated role in Chicago and other acclaimed films. She doesn't have a star on Hollywood Boulevard for nothing. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

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Set It Off, Friday at 7P/6C - These women want revenge in the sweetest way possible. Flip through other Black gangster films now!(Photo: New Line Cinema)