'LHHATL' Star Spice Makes A Drastic Change After Being Criticized For Her Dark Skin

Is she trying to prove a point after dropping her single?

Grace 'Spice' Hamilton - "Nothing wrong with a fresh start." After taking a hiatus from social media to focus on her music, 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star and reggae artist, Spice, purged her Instagram of all its' photos and returned looking like a completely different person. In a video performing her newest single entitled 'Black Hypocrisy', she explained that she was was doing this to combat colorism within the black community. (Photo from left to right: Prince Williams/WireImage, Spice via Instagram)

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<p>Grace 'Spice' Hamilton</p>

Tiffany Pollard - While she's admitted to cosmetically enhancing her appearance in the past, Miss Pollard is not here for the bleaching rumors. &quot;Before some of y'all get to asking me, 'If I'm 'BLEACHING' The answer is, 'No,'&quot; she wrote. &quot;#1 it's cold outside 2 I've been detoxing from meat and cigarettes,&quot; she wrote on Instagram.(Photo from left: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1, Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

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<p>Tiffany Pollard</p>


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<p>Mel B.</p>

Remy Ma - When Remy&nbsp;posted a sexy photo on Instagram&nbsp;promoting her&nbsp;“Wake Me Up” video, a commenter implied she'd been bleaching, writing, “Look like you bleaching your #prettybrown skin.”Remy quickly&nbsp;clapped back, writing, “Are you dumb? It’s called lighting.” Bloop.(Photos From Left: Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic, Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

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Lil' Kim - The '90s rapper was the epitome of Black beauty, but her skin tone has appeared so pale in recent years that she has actually declared herself to be &quot;a Spanish girl trapped in a Black girl's body.&quot;&nbsp;(Photo from left: KMazur/WireImage, Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

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Nene Leakes - After The&nbsp;Real Housewives of Atlanta star's posted&nbsp;new &quot;look&quot;&nbsp;on Instagram, fans couldn’t help but comment on her much lighter complexion that seemed to almost match her long blonde locks.&nbsp;(Photos from Left: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images, Nene Leakes via Instagram)&nbsp;

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Charlamagne Tha God - The&nbsp;Breakfast Club host attributes his&nbsp;drastic change in appearance to his dermatologist Dr. Natasha Sandy, who helped rid his face&nbsp;of severe dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Are you convinced the radio host's lighter tone is just the result of clearer skin?&nbsp;(Photos from left: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images, Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Power 105.1)

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<p>Charlamagne Tha God</p>

Azealia Banks - The feud-happy rapper has openly admitted to skin bleaching and even offers lightening tips on her various&nbsp;social platforms.&nbsp;(Photos from left: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for LOGO, Azealia Banks via Instagram)

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<p>Azealia Banks</p>

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<p>Tamar Braxton</p>


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<p>Sammy Sosa</p>


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<p>Blac Chyna</p>


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<p>&nbsp;Dawn Richard</p>


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