Soul Train Awards 2023: So Anxious: Ginuwine's Super Fine Moments Over The Years

The singer is aging like a fine wine!

A Golden Bachelor Indeed

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The essence of perfection! Ginuwine was certainly Mr. Fine back in the 90s and continues to look good as the years continue. Let's look at some of his best moments.

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Sweet Lord, This Man Is Fine

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If Ginuwine looked into your eyes like that, what will you say?

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I'd Smile To If I Looked This Good

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Now this is a man.

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100% Fine Is Ginuwine

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And we're certain 100% satisfaction indeed.

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Giddy Goo, It's Ginuwine Boo

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Looking so fine like wine.

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So Nice, Let's See It Twice

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Wheew, this the sho!

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A Throwback That Never Lacks

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This is 90s fine, folks!

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