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Braided, twisted, or sleek — this '90s hairstyle is hot!


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Red Hot Buns

Double the Fun - Beauty blogger Raye Boyce, aka @Itmyrayeraye, always is up on the latest trends. Her purple-licious buns are the cutest. Add a temporary color to your style to change it up.(Photo: Raye Boyce via Instagram)

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Double the Fun

Braided Buns - Anita, who goes by @awalkingdoxology on Instagram, has a page filled with beautiful, trendy hairstyles, including these cute braided buns, showing us that even braided beauties can rock the style, too!(Photo: Antia via Instagram)

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Braided Buns

Froses - Yasss, Lupita! Naturals, take notes from the Hollywood darling and style your buns into these sweet, delicate "froses."(Photo: Lupita Nyong'o via Instagram)

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Go Big or Go Home - Find Andrea Alexander under the IG name @paging.dr.dre, and you'll see all her fro-tastic pics. She has lots and lots of hair, but that doesn't stop her from sporting the double bun trend in a big way.(Photo: Andrea Alexander via Instagram)

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Go Big or Go Home

Change Up - Let's face it: Gwen Stefani's been wearing double buns since they were a thing in the ‘90s, but this front-and-back variation is definitely an update from the usual side-by-side look.(Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

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Change Up

Slanted Part - Another way to switch up your double bun style is to try an angled part instead of a straight one. It looks great on Zendaya!(Photo: Zendaya via Instagram)

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Slanted Part

Sailor Moon Style - Here's a different way to wear your double buns: try braiding just the buns and letting the rest of your hair fall freely. Here, Ariana Grande's 'do reminds us of Sailor Moon. Remember that show?(Photo: Ariana Grande via Instagram)

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Sailor Moon Style

Get It Twisted - Just like braids, twists work, too! The Bajan beauty known as @kingkesia on IG wraps her twists into double buns and leaves some twists hanging in the back for a half-up, half-down look.(Photo: Kesia Estwick via Instagram)

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Get It Twisted

Comeback Style - Did Miley Cyrus spark the comeback of the double buns when she wore the style for her 2013 VMA performance? Maybe. But one thing's for sure: she definitely gave girls everywhere with shaved sides another way to style their short hair.(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV)

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Comeback Style