Weekend Movie Marathon: Chris Rock & Wesley Snipes Star In New Jack City

BET Star Cinema just got a little more gangster.

xXx: State Of The Union (2005) - Breaking out of his gangsta type cast, Cube showed he could be banked on for action films too when he replaced Vin Diesel and joined Samuel L. Jackson in the xXx sequel. His new gangsta persona was a jailed Navy officer who is freed and then saves the country and the president. The mayhem and destruction he left along the way made him one of Cube's illest roles to date.(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

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XXX: State of the Union, Saturday at 9:30A/8:30C - Ice Cube's on a mission.Take a peek at a few of his other blockbuster hits. (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Above the Rim, Wednesday at 9P/8C - Tupac's not playing any games.Flip through films where sports play a major role.Encore presentation on Thursday at 1:30P/12:30C.(Photo: New Line Cinema)

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Above the Rim, Saturday at 12:30P/11:30C - Duane Martin wants to show his brother (played by Tupac) that he's game for anything. Flip through other Black sports films now!(Photo: New Line Cinema)

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Menace II Society (1993)

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Menace II Society, Saturday at 3P/2C - Larenz Tate puts on his gangster armor. Check out other Black gangster films.  (Photo: New Line Cinema)

New Jack City, Thursday at 7P/6C - Nino Brown owns the holidays. Encore on Friday at 10A/9C.(Photo: Warner Brothers)

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New Jack City, Saturday at 5:30P/4:30C - Wesley Snipes is the head honcho of this operation. Flip through other Black gangster films now!(Photo: Warner Brothers)

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Gun Hill Premieres Wednesday, July 2 at 9P/8C - Larenz Tate stars as both a convict and cop in the BET Premiere Cinema film Gun Hill.   Watch an exclusive clip now!(Photo: BET)

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Gun Hill, Saturday at 8P/7C - Larenz Tate ends up on the wrong side of the tracks. Watch exclusive clips now!(Photo: BET)

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Barbershop (2002) - Hollywood executives had already taken a liking to the man who once killed at will and banked on the Cali lyricist to run the show as a cool headed barber surrounded by his hilarious cohorts Cedric The Entertainer, Eve and Michael Ealy in 2002. Making his transition successfully from music to acting at this point, Cube topped the box office for two weeks with Barbershop and the film eventually grossed over $75 million. The sequel came two years later and pulled in another $65 mill and the third installment is in production now as O'Shea Jackson established himself as a franchise movie player. (Photo: MGM)

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Barbershop, Sunday at 11:30A/10:30C - Ice Cube's taking over his dad's legacy. (Photo: MGM)

Are We There Yet? (2005) - After declaring war and then peace with Hollywood, Ice Cube came full circle in the acting arena and certified himself as a family movie star. Leaving his khakis and Chucks far behind, Cube's wholesome comedy reunited him with his Boyz N the Hood co-star Nia Long as they grossed over $82 million with this kid approved flick. Two years later they dropped another $50 million in the pot as Cube burned Hollywood down and rebuilt it back up to his liking.(Photo: Columbia TriStar)

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Are We There Yet?, Sunday at 2P/1C - Then Ice Cube becomes the ultimate family man. (Photo: Columbia TriStar)

Jumping the Broom - With an all-star ensemble that includes Angela Bassett, Paula Patton and Laz Alonso, Jumping the Broom was a must-have for the Best Movie category.  (Photo: Courtesy TriStar Pictures)

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Jumping the Broom, Sunday at 5P/4C - Paula Patton and Laz Alonso just want their families to be in love too. Fall in love with other Black love flicks. (Photo: TriStar Pictures)