Bring That Week Back: July 17

George Zimmerman faces molestation accusations, plus more.


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George Zimmerman Accused of Molesting His Cousin - A woman only identified as "Witness 9" told prosecutors on Monday that George Zimmerman had molested her when they were children, from age six until 16. She also confirmed lingering suspicions that Trayvon Martin's death was racially motivated, telling prosecutors, "I don’t know at all who this kid was, or anything else. But I know George. And I know that he does not like Black people, and he would start something.” On Friday, Zimmerman requested a new judge because he believed he would be unable to get a fair trial from the current judge.  – Britt Middleton(Photo: AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool, File)


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FAMU Board Calls Emergency Meeting Amid President's Resignation - After announcing his resignation last week, it appears now that Florida A&M University James Ammons will step down immediately instead of October 11, according to the Associated Press. Ammons came under fire for the handling of the hazing culture within the school's famed March 100 Band, which resulted in the death of Robert Champion last November and the hazing of two other band members. (Photo: AP Photo/Tallahassee Democrat, Glenn Beil)


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Alabama Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Obama Threat - Ulugbek Kodirov, 22, of Birmingham, Alabama, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Friday for threatening to kill President Obama, providing material support to terrorism and unlawfully possessing a firearm, crimes he pled guilty to in February.  (Photo: AP Photo/Shelby County Sheriff's Dept., File)


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Thousands of Americans Duped in Utilities Scam - In recent weeks, thousands of people, including Taneisha Morris of Detroit, above, received an automated telephone call requesting their personal information and in exchange were told the Obama Administration would pay for their utilities costs. Authorities are still investigating the hoax. (Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


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Police Officer Accused of Threatening to Kill Michelle Obama - A Washington, D.C., police officer was placed on administrative duty on Thursday after he allegedly said he would shoot First Lady Michelle Obama and used his cellphone to show other officers a picture of the gun he would use to do it, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday. The officer was formerly assigned as a motorcycle escort for the White House and other officials. The Secret Service is investigating. (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages)


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Wells Fargo to Pay $175 Million in Discrimination Case - On Thursday, Wells Fargo agreed to pay the Department of Justice $175 million to settle allegations that the bank discriminated against qualified African-American and Latino borrowers between 2004 and 2009. (Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty Images)


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Scranton Mayor Cuts City Worker Wages to $7.75 per Hour - Grappling with $3.4 million in vendor bills and a $16.8 million budget deficit the city couldn't afford to pay, the mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania, was recently forced to cut the salaries of all 400 city workers — including firefighters and police officers — to the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. (Photo: Steve Leonard / Courtesy of Wikicommons)


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Trayvon Martin Memorial Relocated to Museum - Last week, Sanford, Florida, officials announced that the informal memorial to Trayvon Martin was moved to the Sanford Museum. Keepsakes including a large wooden cross, a ceramic angel and footballs were among items city officials say will be preserved at the site. The memorial was previously in the gated neighborhood where the 17-year-old was killed by George Zimmerman in February. (Photo:  Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse? - In May, a Miami man high on marijuana gnawed on the face of another man until he was fatally shot by police. In the weeks that followed, a string of similarly violent incidents made headlines, resulting from people getting high on synthetic drugs marketed as "bath salts." (Photo: AP Photo/Miami-Dade Police Dept.)

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Miami Man Knew Victim of Face-Eating Attack - The Miami man who gnawed at the face of a homeless man in May had met the victim before, according to the man's childhood friend who revealed the connection in an interview with the Miami Herald on Saturday. The attacker, Rudy Eugene, is said to have met his victim, Ronald Poppo, while volunteering in the homeless community. Police initially believed Eugene was under the influence of bath salts during the attack, where he was fatally shot by police, but toxicology reports showed only marijuana in his system. (Photo: AP Photo/Miami-Dade Police Dept.)