#ItsRequired to Follow Your Heart

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#ItsRequired to Follow Your Heart - When it comes to love, you win some and you lose some. But face it, nobody wants to lose! #ItsRequired to follow your heart at all times, even when people (family, friends or haters) tell you otherwise. Check out our tips here and make sure to watch Being Mary Jane tonight at 10P/9C! 1. Be Ready Do NOT start dating anyone seriously if you aren't ready for commitment. Relationships are a two-way street, so if you expect to get love and attention from your partner, be prepared to give. (Photo: Mint Images/Tim Robbins/GettyImages)


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2. Maintain Independence - Yes, you are one half of a unit once you get into a serious relationship, but NEVER lose yourself in the other person. Maintain your identity by making sure that you continue to follow your passions in life, have your girls'/guys' nights and stay true to your heart. (Photo: Sean Justice/GettyImages)


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3. Share - You don't have to share everything, but be sure that you and your significant other share some interests. Activities like cooking, working out and travelling will always bond you two closer and keep you on the same page.  (Photo: Cavan Images/GettyImages)


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4. Communicate - You will get stressed out, you will argue and sometimes your significant other will get on every bit of your last nerves, but you have to remember to communicate. Why? Because you will get stuck in rut after rut and be in silence after arguments if you don't know how to communicate with your love and work through your issues. (Photo: GettyImages)

DON?T Expect White Tablecloths - Do you have money for fancy restaurants and bottle service? No? So don?t expect that freshman who asked you out to drop a ton of cash on a date with you. In fact, be prepared to split the bill at the dive you hit up around the corner from campus, or better yet, plan a free date, like a walk in the park or an outdoor movie.   (Photo: Fuse/Getty Images)

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Love Hard - Remember to be loyal, stay honest and love hard whenever you follow your heart and let love rule!(Photo: GettyImages)