#Swoon: Why Tristan Wilds is Bae All Day

All the times the actor and singer made us swoon.

Leading Man - What a year it's been for actor Tristan Wilds otherwise known as Mack Wilds. He is the star of the upcoming VHI movie "The Breaks" and helped break the Internet as the love interest in Adele's "Hello" video. Here's a list of the times he has made us swoon since hitting the Hollywood scene.  (Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for BET)

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Leading Man

Perfect Video Ex - This fall, the Internet lost its mind over Adele?s hit video, ?Hello,? starring talented actor Tristan Wilds. Even with a flip phone, we'd wish he would answer our calls.  By Kellee Terrell  (Photo: Columbia)

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Perfect Video Ex


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Swag For Days


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He’s Got a Sense of Humor


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That Smile Though?

B-More - Wilds?s first role was one most veteran actors wish they could have. On HBO?s The Wire, he played Michael Lee, a troubled and poor middle schooler who turned to drug dealing to help take care of his younger brother.   (Photo HBO)

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Black Lives Matter - Tristan is more than just a pretty face, which was evident last year in an episode of What?s at Stake about violence in our communities. Keeping it real, he told host Marc Lamont Hill about how resilient Black people have to be when living in a constant war zone and how one day your friend is here and the next day he can be gone. #Fact  (Photo: BET)

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Black Lives Matter