Soul Train Awards 2023: Soulful Smiles: 8x Tank's Smile Blew Us Away

The crooner is also a smiler.

Old School Swag And Smile

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Tank is always in a good mood, so let's see some of his best smiles!

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Wheeew, my goodness

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From the smile and the chest, we just don't know where to keep looking at.

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The Whole Body Is Smiling

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We don't have to say anything, just take it all in.

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Fine And Devine

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His mug is beautiful!

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Look Up, Say Cheese

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Look at that smize!

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Is It Hot In Here Or?

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Honestly, I can't breathe. He's so....whew

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His Whole Face Should Be Framed

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Such a pretty smile.

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Cool Vibes, Here's A Smize

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Such a perfect man.

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