Movie Marathon Weekend, June 1

A weekend of BET Star Cinema.

Blue Hill Avenue, Sunday at 7P/6C - Allen Payne a part of the game.Flip through other Black gangster flicks.(Photo:  Artisan Entertainment)

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Bluehill Avenue - Late Friday/Early Saturday at 1A/12C.(Photo: Artisan Entertainment)

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Everyday Black Man - Saturday at 11A/10C.(Photo: CLM Productions)

The Last Fall, Saturday at 10:30A/9:30C - Lance Gross wants to win the game. Have you seen these other actors play in athletic films? Take a look!(Photo: Transparent Filmworks)

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The Last Fall - Saturday at 1:30P/12:30C. (Photo: Transparent Filmworks)

Streets, Monday at 7P/6C - Meek Mill is taking over the streets. Flip through these other gangster flicks. (Photo: CheeseSteak Media)

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Streets: The Movie - Saturday at 6P/5C. Encore on Sunday at 8P/7C. (Photo:  215APhillyated)

Notorious, Saturday at 2P/1C - Get a chance to see why we will always love Big Poppa.(Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures)

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Notorious - Saturday at 8P/7C. Encore on Sunday at 5P/4C. (Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures)

American Gangster, Saturday at 5P/4C - Denzel's running New York City. Take a look at other gangster flicks. Encore presentation on Sunday at 1P/12C.(Photo: Universal Pictures) 

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American Gangster - Saturday at 11P/10C. Encore on Sunday at 8P/7C.(Photo: Universal Pictures)

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A Fool and His Money, Sunday at 10:30P/9:30C - Nothing comes in between a man and his money. (Photo:  Image Entertainment)

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A Fool and His Money - Sunday at 12P/11C.(Photo: Image Entertainment)

Lottery Ticket - Watch as Bow Wow and Brandon T. Jackson search for their cash. Sunday at 2:30P/1:30C.(Photo: Alcon Entertainment)

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Lottery Ticket - Sunday at 2:30P/1:30C.(Photo: Alcon Entertainment)