7 Style Apps Every Fashionista Needs

Stay ahead of trends before they hit the racks.


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For the Digital Fashionista


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Trendstop Trendtracker

Stylecaster - We’ve all experienced the moment when we’ve worn a denim jacket in the scorching hot sun — awkward. This app not only tells you the weather, but it also suggests what to wear for the weather that day.  (Photo: Stylecaster)

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ShopStyle - Imagine 300 retail stores at your fingertips. No, this isn’t heaven; it’s ShopStyle Mobile. By allowing shoppers to filter by price, size, and even color, the app is sure to help you find what you’re looking for.  (Photo: ShopStyle)

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OPI Nail Studio - If you’re always indecisive about what color to paint your nails next, you probably spend quite some time sampling the polish rack at the nail salon. With the OPI Nail Studio however, you can select the virtual hand that matches your own and test various colors way before you get to the salon.  (Photo: OPI Nail Studio)

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OPI Nail Studio