BET Star Cinema Movie Trivia: December 12 — December 18, 2011

BET Star Cinema gives you the answers to our fun questions.

Stomp the Yard, Thursday at 7P/6C - Columbus Short stars in this flick about college and greek life. Encore presentation on Friday at 2:30P/1:30C.(Photo: Screen Gems)

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Stomp the Yard (2007) - Which movie is being referenced when Duron tags the billboard?A: La Haine (Photo: Rainforest Films)

The Wash - Saturday at 3P/2C.(Photo: Lions Gate Films)

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The Wash (2001)\r - Which Oscar award-winning movie did Dr. Dre also appear in the same year that The Wash was released?\r \rA: Training Day\r \r(Photo: Lions Gate Films)

Photo By Photo: Lions Gate Films

Not Easily Broken, Sunday at 10:30A/9:30C - Taraji and Morris Chestnut have an unbreakable bond.   (Photo: Screen Gems)

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Not Easily Broken (2009)\r - How many times has Morris Chestnut co-starred in a movie with Steven Seagal?\rA: 3 times — Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Half Past Dead & Prince of Pistols.\r \r(Photo: Screen Gems)

Lean On Me, Sunday at 4:30P/3:30C - Morgan Freeman's in a teachin mood!(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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Lean on Me (1989)\r - Which profession did the real Joe Clark move on to after he resigned as principal?\rA: Joe Clark would go on to run a juvenile detention center.\r \r(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)